Hamm-ick? Hamm-ock? 

It was Labor Day, and we searched for hours to find the perfect place to set the hammocks up. We went to the ocean, all the local towns, lakes... nothing. Every place we visited was extremely crowded with tourists and just didn't feel right. After miles of driving, we finally pulled into a local campground. I ran inside and asked for the day rate, and the ranger said "The pass I just handed you says you have thirty minutes, but take as long as you want." This is when I knew we found the place. 

We drove through the winding back roads to find the tallest and most beautiful rows of pine trees. It wasn't crowded because everyone that stayed for the weekend had left at this point. The people that were still around the campground were enjoying the late afternoon and you could tell they were loving the new, unpopulated atmosphere. Families were laughing, grilling out, and having campfires. It smelled and sounded like summer. Finally, we drove past this one spot. You know those places where the light is perfectly shining through the trees, the bugs are sparkling in the light, and it just feels right? Yeah. We unpacked the car while playing some acoustic music and set up the hammocks. We were both in awe of this place and vowed to come back several more times with friends in the next few months. We had lots of great conversation which didn't fail to leave us in argument about what we were laying in, our hamm-ocks.

Needless to say, it was the best way to end another great summer. 

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