Hey there!

First, welcome! I'm so happy you're here, and I appreciate you stopping by.

My name is Leah and I'm a proud Minnesotan with a love for photography. I thrive off of spontaneous adventures, driving through the mountains, or enjoying a weekend at the cabin with good company. I am an artist with a passion for creativity, and it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to express that to the world. I love my job and I could not be more grateful to have a camera in my hands while pursuing my dreams through digital marketing and content creation. 

I want to help you tell your story. Whether you are a brand, model, newlyweds, or just another friend to meet, I can't wait to photograph what's important to you and help make your vision come to life. I would love to express who you are, what you love, and what is important to you - in a natural way in front of my lens.  

But now, a few things that you should know are important to me. 

I am in love with music - I play piano every day if possible. I am in love with traveling - I take every opportunity possible to live a sliver of my life in a different city or country. I find it exciting to take advantage of learning about as many lifestyles, cultures, and people as possible (and photograph new places as well). I am also a fanatic about the little things - anyone who knows me can vouch for me: I love good company, sunsets, a glass of wine and some palm trees. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the wonderful University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. 

If you haven't heard enough, feel free to drop a line, ask me questions, or just say hello - let's learn about each other!

Thanks for listening, I hope to hear your story soon.


PS. Feel free to check out my Instagram feed @hael in the boxes to the right!

My other social accounts are linked below. Not only do I love to be inspired by people and their stories, but I love to motivate and connect with others as well. If you are a creative who enjoys coffee and making friends just as much as I do,  let’s collaborate. Please reach out!